Not too long ago, our institute did experiment using black soybeans and black vinegar in corporation with Fujicco (* One of the biggest packaged soybean product company in Japan), and presented the result at the Japan menopause society.
Having stiff shoulders is one of serious symptoms in climacteric period. In this experiment, due to continual intake of ample isoflavon together with benefit of black vinegar, as much as 62 % of subjects showed improvement in the symptom. Irritation is also one of the symptoms, and 51% showed improvement, and 49% for skin condition improvement. You may wonder what difference it would make if by taking isoflavone in tablet. Actually, we have done an experiment with isoflavone tablets with the approximately same period of time, and same number of subjects (around 30). Unfortunately, the result was not so good as this experiment. Cold temperature tendency was the only improved symptom.
 Black soybeans and black vinegar work more mildly than medicine, and it actually warms up the body. In this experiment, examination of the blood showed that lipid in blood had rapidly started burning. Lipid in blood, especially free fatty acid and neutral fat, are closely related with hardening of the arteries, cardiac infarction, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and it was shown that they had started burning.
How do they start burning? The answer is simple. The body warms up to burn lipid in blood, and the fingertips start feeling warmer. In fact, it takes just 30 days to be able to see the changes in the body. From this aspect, trying to improve everyday diet is highly important. It does not help to think " I have to prepare meal just for the children", or stop cooking or not putting much effort into cooking based on the idea, "The children have grown up so my job is over". Do not rush to declare it to yourself.
 Considering the fact that you do not have to think of feeding the children, this can be a chance to produce beautiful and sophisticated meals for Japanese adults. That is highly beneficial on its own, and also ultimate anti-aging method.
After all, anti-aging is something you need to keep working on until you die. Not only at climacteric period, gaining anti-oxidant power requires five-color oriented diet with different variety of food. Besides black and yellow I have just mentioned, there are colors such as green, white, yellow, all the colors you can think of vegetables that fit.
 After 50, you may think that it may be too late to be motivated to try new recipes you see on TV, or it is not worth cooking. However, I believe that humans keep growing as long as they live. Growing is same as challenging. Only those who challenge can have success in anti-aging. When I say challenge, I do not mean consulting doctors or trying placenta injection, or any of that. Putting your own effort little by little in everyday life is the most important thing.
 This can be said about both men and women, from 80s, they become more vulnerable to depression. Some people fall into depression at the age of 60, and some at 70.
One way to avoid depression is early to bed and early to rise. If you get up early to soak up some sunbeam, melatonin and serotonin are produced. They are a kind of growth hormone secreted in brain, in other words, rejuvenating hormones. Going to bed by 11 helps this type of hormones secret more during asleep.
 Ultimate anti aging method is gaining more growth hormones. Melatonin improves active delirium during the day. You become more cheerful, creative, and more easily excited. Do you know what it means to get more easily excited? Remember the expression," Even chopsticks rolling across the table looks funny "? (*Japanese phrase to describe the young generation for laughing at anything) When you are 18, even looking at rolling chopsticks makes you laugh. That is the sign of plenty melatonin secretion. To reach that stage, the habit of going to bed early and getting up early is highly important.
 I would recommend eating everyday-food with plenty of isoflavon, instead of spending lots of money on supplement. You do not have to eat natto (fermented soybeans) everyday, normal miso would do.
 Roasted black soybeans will be good too. Boiling liquid of black soybeans, black soybean coffee, black soybean cocoa...anything with black soybeans is good. Regular soybeans are also recommended. It is more about cooking proper meal everyday, including eating beans. If possible, eating many different kinds of food is ideal such as Japanese food. Japanese cuisine has a wide variety of food. There are dishes with beans, seaweed, small fish, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and so many different kinds of ingredients in Japanese cooking, and food with a wide variety can really make a difference.
 Another important thing is to take ample protein. Melatonin and serotonin have the same structure formula. Sufficient serotonin secretion gives you good sleep, and when you wake up in the morning, serotonin secretion switches over to melatonin secretion to make you feel more cheerful and gives you more laughter. Interesting enough, data on climacteric period shows a difference in frequency of laughing with change of diet. Looking over some people's answers on the questionaire that they had started laughing more often even though they rarely laughed before.
 The result of improvement in laughing is the same with different experiments, such as high anti-oxidant water with anti-aging effect, or anti-aging related food, black vinegar. They have all resulted in subjects laughing more. I had thought people laugh when others try to make them laugh, but changing habit to going to bed early and getting up early, and eating more properly makes people more cheerful and they start laughing more often. Ultimately, lots of laugh, cheerful attitude, and not worrying about far distant future too much, are all more important than anything else.
You are probably familiar with the story of " The Sparrow's Inn " I believe? Old stories always interest me. Keep in mind not to be the mean old lady who would cut off the sparrow's tongue. In this story, she becomes jealous with the sparrow as her husband cherishes the little bird so much. The sparrow can be a counterpart to a young girl. Then the wife eventually cuts the sparrow's tongue and kicks it out. The old man goes after the sparrow and visits the sparrow's inn to see how she is doing. I think this should be very acceptable. When the old man opens the package that was souvenir from the inn, it was filled with fortunes. His wife wants the same thing and visits the same inn. When she leaves, she is asked to choose a souvenir out of different sized packages. She chooses a big one and when she opens it at home, there comes out monsters from the box. The story tells us not to be too greedy.
What kind of "greed " is acceptable? If uplifting, greed is not always bad. However, having an extreme obsession with pride or youth would not help. Craving for control over your husband or your son's wife, and money greed are the same. If you are too greedy, that is when monsters come out. The monster could be climacteric period.
When you become older, it is natural that you ask for more sexy and sensual energy. Women like Bae Yong Joon (* Korean actor who started Korean drama boom in Japan), and men like the sparrow, and it is totally OK. Both men and women absorbing different good vibration in healthy way can make them bright and beautiful. That can be the moral of the story "The sparrow's inn". Thank you for your kind attention.

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