The people who tend to eat too much also should be careful. Many express their loneliness in their climacteric age, and they often tend to eat too much. Overeating can be caused by loneliness. Drinking issue can be one of the symptoms in climacteric period. There are data that while men take as long as 20 years to become alcoholic, women at their climacteric period take five to ten years to become alcoholic. The cause for both overeating and overdrinking can be the same, which is loneliness. Lonely people suffering from long nights of worrying about the same thing tend to have these problems. Either overeating or overdrinking, improving diet is the shortest cut to the solution.
 Have you heard " empty-nest syndrome"? Empty nest, nest without children in other words makes some people lose their meaning of life. They feel empty inside, and extremely isolated. The children stop talking to them all the sudden, or not only that they do not come to their parents anymore, but also the parents have no idea about what is going on with their children's mind. The parents who had tried extremely hard to get children pass entrance exam for university are more likely to get this syndrome. They are the people with very strong sense of responsibility who think that children's education is all their responsibility.
 It is very important not to be so hard on yourself. To avoid aggravating climacteric period-related symptoms, it is essential to make friends so you don't feel isolated, and cherish the friendship you already have.
 The people who were beautiful when they were young are more vulnerable to climacteric age. If they looked beautiful and very popular among men, they have extra fear against getting old. The fear I have mentioned can be issue here again. Getting wrinkles, spots, gray hair... they are all natural in the process of getting old, but they attack those women with extra shock more than others.
 They end up with more sense of isolation and fear, and it becomes harder for them to have future prospects. Their physical condition becomes unstable and they become more sensitive to pain. This is caused by the wrong definition of beauty. Some people misunderstand climacterics period as time limit of being woman, but this is far from being true. No matter what, women are women for all of their lifetime and that is something they can be proud of.
 All the more, women should be even more fashionable after their climacteric period. From inside and outside, brushing up oneself is such an important theme.
 It never helps to worry too much about what would happen to you in future. Especially if you were seeing a male doctor for climacteric period-related symptoms, sometimes he might shock you by implying as if your time as woman is over. Some male doctors say things like that based on wrong recognition, so you need to be careful.
If you are a single workingwoman, another thing to watch out for is excessive competitive spirit. Today, either in capitalism or socialism, many young people are taught that surviving in this world is all about competitions. With current Japanese education, the only people who won the competitions can get good positions in society. The same thing can be said in the U.S. Unfortunately, the people who grow up with the wrong idea that the world is made of competition tend to feel very isolated in their climacteric period.
 There are so many things in the world that you do not have any control over. People with too strong sense of competition have extremely hard time when they face the fact. If they were good looking or good at studying and able to keep jumping over the hurdles in the early part of the competitive world, hitting climacteric period when they live alone with working hard, they often do not consult anyone. Quite a few people push themselves as far as possible even though they have lack of estrogen. They do not know what to do besides pushing themselves.
 At the time like this, I would recommend consulting a friend, a book, or female gynecologist. This is not prejudice against men, but I believe at least there are more female doctors than male doctors who understand women's mind.
 In Tokyo, 50 % of women above 35 years old are not married. With men and women together, almost 60% are not married at that age. I would say that situation like this would only aggravate climacteric period in future. Working in competitive world and living life alone after may lead you to fear. In that term, having friends you can trust is essential. Either they are male, female, older, younger, it is highly important to be able to be honest with friends about your physical and mental issues, and exchange information to think of better strategy to work on it to support each other.
  There was this phenomenon started happening about ten years ago. When men retire around the age of 60, his wife says," I want to divorce today". It means" I don't need you anymore. Good bye" and in other words, "your retirement day is the day my happiness begins." Some even asked for the half of retirement payment, or if not that extreme, it is said that quite a few Japanese women refer their husbands as oversized garbage.
 This comes down to the reverse rotation in the first half and second half of their life. If the men are high-handed, or they are the only ones doing what they want to do in the first half of their relationship, the women end up tolerating too much. Unless they readjust their relationship at their climacteric period by putting effort from both sides to get over the period in harmony, women would be the high-handed ones after 60s.
 In fact, the husbands often become discouraged and lose confidence after their retirement. In contrast, women who have tolerated in the first half of their life become so much stronger. You can assume that climacteric period is when women get the power shifted toward them. Whether this is good or not is another story, but "establishing good relationship" is fundamental theme after climacteric period. This is the only way to save both of them in future, say, when one of them had cancer.
If the couple was not getting along, when the husband wants to try certain treatment for cancer, his wife and children often go against it. It is a common case with a couple who do not get along that the partner of the patient interferes with the treatment method the patient wants to try. Ironically enough, it is not as simple as reversing power shift between men and women would solve their problems. It is more important to understand what it means to help each other and try reconciliation.
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