In accordance with the needs in the new era, the Sugahara Institute aims to support the health and happiness of humanity as a private institute with research and their development through presentations in academic conferences and a wide range of public relations.
 We do a wide range of research on health and illness prevention issues from holistic and scientific viewpoints, and report the achievements extensively in clearly understandable terms through our public relations department. We provide health information on the body and the mind, and seriously support each individual’s opportunity to be fulfilled and happy.





We have offers throughout the year for publishing recipe recipes in individual books, book-magazine hybrids, and magazines. Our developing is done at the institute, using our kitchen and photo studio for production. We have currently prepared almost 3,000 recipes ready for corporations interested in web distribution.

Presently, we are doing basic research on negative ions and antioxidants utilized not only by household appliances but also in ecological agriculture, stockbreeding, commercial fishing, food processing, water purification, and reforestation industries. Working together with individual workers or cooperation in each industry. In the agricultural technology field, particularly, we have already developed Sugahara Institute farming methods to bring three times more profit over other established methods. Additionally, we have been doing basic research on sick house syndrome for the last three years. Now that we have entered the age of the virus, we are focusing more on basic research focused on harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, sterilization techniques and antibiotic methods with oxygen reduction technology.

We not only provide basic research requested by corporations in the food and health industry, but we often support them with the Sugahara Institute brand name when they carry out extensive public relations. We also provide support for them to make fun and easily comprehensible public relation tools with a scientific aspect for the average consumer (including videos, pamphlets, press releases, posters). Sometimes we develop recipes and do photo shoots for nutrition related public relations support.


We have been organizing Women in Science Forum annually. This event is to comprehensively communicate the latest developments in various fields such as climacteric disorder prevention, childbearing, childrearing, and sometimes cancer, virus (SARS), O157 that you need a high level of scientific knowledge to prevent. . Women play a major role in a typical family structure, so if there was no scientific aspect in their mind-set, other family members may get sick or there may be a family breakdown. It is another duty of the Sugahara Institute to organize events to carry out this knowledge artistically for a bright and happy life.

The Sugahara Institute does not solely consist of Akiko Sugahara, rather it is a unique staff with diverse talents. The word ‘Institute’ may connote a group of egg-headed scientists dryly discussing research papers, but in the 21st century, with the increasing connectivity of the internet, it has become necessary to develop a strong artistic sense to be able to present research information effectively. As the east and west move closer together, interest in combinations of medicine will rise, and it is important that our findings reach as large an audience as possible. Looking to the future, the Sugahara Institute has continued to produce and distribute materials through the Internet aimed at the rest of the world, providing information on ecology and health care. The staff is headed by Dr. Akiko Sugahara (preventative medical care, preventative nutrition science, epidemiology) and followed by a professional group with specializations in different fields. Among us are a nationally registered dietitian, a clinical psychotherapist, a computer programmer, a system engineer, a web designer, an editor, an agricultural scientist, a PR specialist, an interpreter, a translator, and market researcher. We are working to create a healthy and happy lifestyle being helped by science.