Which do you think have severe climacteric period in general, Easterners or Westerners? Think about which of them eat more beans. Yes, Asian women have less severe climacteric period. Japanese women used to have milder symptoms before World War 2. It was the time when Japanese people were eating more soybeans products such as tofu, miso, yuba (bean curd skin), and so on. The people who ate plenty of these foods had milder climacteric period than Westerners did.
 However, these days in Japan, more people in younger generation such as in 40s, or sometimes around the age of 35, have " petit climacteric period ", similar symptoms as in climacteric period. Their typical symptoms are depression, emotionally unstable state, the sense of isolation, alternate feeling of cold and hot as if autonomic imbalance, and pimples and insomnia. They are very similar to climacteric period symptoms. According the theory I just mentioned, it may be said that these people have lack of beans intake.
 Historically, Japanese people have been eating tofu, miso, natto (soybeans fermented in their own bacteria), yuba (bean curd skin). They are not called "functional food", or made into supplement, but everyday food, but in fact, they are the kind of food highly beneficial in climacteric period. This idea is historically rooted in Eastern medicine very deeply, and it is so important for us to know about this.
Also, did you know that kidney is hurt by emotion? The kind of emotion to damage kidney is fear. People with strong fear can cause their kidney damage. Fear makes noradrenaline secret easier, and burning anger triggers adrenaline. Both noradrenaline and adrenaline accelerate active oxygen production. Active oxygen gives damages to cells, and it can destroy kidney cells as well.
 Historically, women have been more likely to prioritize their husbands at home, and not all the husbands are good ones. It is hard to draw line between good husband and bad husband, but some men are nice outside of their home, and not so much at home, or vice versa. If women at home had situation that gives them strong fear, their climacteric period can be more severe.
 So marriage relationship also matters. One more thing, the fear can be about their children. "What if they can't get through this entrance exam?" " What if they can't get what they expect?" "What if they turn out this way in 40s" " What if my son did this or that when he is in 60s?" They are looking at future fear too much, and their fear is caused by worrying about something not even happened yet. They are also the kind of people who are more likely to have severe climacteric period.
 This means that people who only think about today do not have climacteric period symptoms. Actually, reaching that stage is reaching enlightenment. Many think that reaching enlightenment is hard, but take a look at dogs or cats. They do not think about tomorrow. Human beings also should focus more on today, not too much on tomorrow, or the next day, a year later, or three or five years later. Reading the book "Su Wen " carefully in this aspect, it can give you further understanding
I mentioned earlier that there are higher occurance rate for women's cancer in this period. Cancer is closely related with cold body temperature tendency. Some of you might wonder," How do I get cancer for cold body?"" Isn't it too simple for a cause of cancer?"
 Let me explain. First of all, if you have cold body temperature tendency, immune cells such as lymph cells stop reaching cancer cells to eat them. Lymph cells are closely related with temperature. They become highly active at higher body temperature.
 So, if you have the kind of diet to keep the body temperature higher, lymph cells cay reach the end of capillaries where cancer cells hide. There, the cancer cells pretend to be healthy cells, but when lymph cells eat them, the messenger called "antigen-antibody complex reaction " is sent out to call out "I found cancer!" The messenger increases anti body to attack cancer cells. Here, spleen is the key organ.
Spleen sends a messenger to bone marrow in the back to process old lymph cells and produce new ones. The ratio is highly important. To prevent cancer, Eastern medicine teaches to nourish spleen. Food color that is good for spleen is yellow. When you think of yellow food, you may associate it with banana, but the best yellow Eastern medicine recommends is the kind of yellow for chestnut, sweet potato, and pumpkin. Pumpkins have a kind of yellow polyphenol called xanthophyll and it has  antioxidation power. The reason why they recommend chestnut and sweet potato is not about its pigment, but according to "Su Wen", it says, " Take in good sweetness". I have just talked to you about saltiness. After taking in good saltiness, they teach to take in good sweetness.

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