Women Scientist Forum (WSF) 2000"For your beautiful life " at Yakushi-ji temple in Nara prefecture was a big success. This year, we held WSF2005 " For your beautiful life -Part2-" in Tokyo with Ms.Hanae Mori, fashion designer.
Today, the average life span of Japanese is almost 87 years, and women live 6 years longer than men on the average. It is very important to understand science for anti-aging and acquire diet with entioxidizing food. Producing yourself to be more beautiful nourishes the body and mind. Creating pleasant society with mature people is essential for our nation. Anti-aging is the most important theme for both men and women who are living in this aging society. From the program, we would like to share keynote speech on anti-aging by Dr. Akiko Sugahara

Ainti aging and us [Dr.Akiko Sugahara] 

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