TV/Radio Station
and Program
Theme Date
an anion Jan.27 9:00〜 9:50
JFN Radio Applying anion Jan.16
[Hanamaru Market]
How to preserve the rice cake Jan.15
TBS Radio The way of having meal to make smart Jan.17 6:15〜 6:25
TV Tokyo Diet Feb.03 21:54〜22:48
[SUPASUPA NingenGaku]
Magnesium Feb.7 19:00〜20:00
TBS Radio
[Goodmorning!!by Hiroshi]
Life of full Apr.18 Am05:43
Apr.25 Am05:43
TV Tokyo
Otogenome May.7 22:00〜23:00
TBS Radio
[Goodmorning!!by Hiroshi]
Okinawa's food May.23 Am05:43
[ I'm your partner also tonight]
The black food Jun.21 Pm 08:00
[SUPASUPA NingenGaku]
Japanese Spice Jun.18 Pm 07:00
[SUPASUPA NingenGaku]
The summer heat and Enzyme Aug.22 Pm 07:00
KSB Radio an anion Aug.26 Am11:00
Fuji TV
[SUPASUPA NingenGaku]
Your pore is hurt in summer Aug.29 Pm 07:00
TV Asahi
[Super J channel]
the way to live comfortably Sep.04 Pm4:55
TBS Radio
[Goodmorning!!by Hiroshi]
Mushroom Sep.26 AM05:43
Fuji TV
Don't be likes and dislikes Nov.04 Pm08:00
TBS Radio
[Goodmorning!!by Hiroshi]
  Dec.12 AM05:43
TBS Radio
[Goodmorning!!by Hiroshi]
  Dec.26 AM05:43
TBS Radio
[Goodmorning!!by Hiroshi]
  Jan.09 AM05:43
TBS Radio
[Goodmorning!!by Hiroshi]
  Jan.16 AM05:43
TBS Radio
[Goodmorning!!by Hiroshi]
A strawberry Feb.27 Am05:45~05:55
TBS Radio
[Goodmorning!!by Hiroshi]
A ginger Mar.06 Am05:45~05:55
TV Tokyo
  Mar.05〜06 PM11:30
TBS Radio
[Goodmorning!!by Hiroshi]
Aobut anzyme and SERS May.15 Am05:45~05:55
TV Asahi
[Yajiuma Purasu]   
Nutrition of orange Oct.24 AM7:20
[Hanamaru Market]
The black food Oct.30 AM8:30
[An encounter of Shinobu Sato]
  Nov.17 PM9:00
[SUPASUPA NingenGaku]
The black food Dec.11 PM7:30
Fuji TV
[8020 An expeditionary
Sakura Shrimp Dec.13 AM9:55
Fuji TV
The eating habits anylysis 2005.May.05

publishing company and magazine name Theme Date
Sufunotomo Co.
My 40's
An anion Oct.17
25ans cosmetology
Mikasashobo Stay healthy by anion Oct
NikkeiHealth An anion 01
NHK publication
[Today of health[
An anion Oct.15
[Ideal world]
  Monthly Magazine(dec.)
Prevetion and Health Co.
An anion Dec.13
Komei Times Mysterious power and charming anion Jan.17
Komei Times Mysterious power and charming anion Jan.31
Komei Times Mysterious power and charming anion Feb.07
Komei Times Mysterious power and charming anion Feb.14
Weekly Shincho Akiko Sugahara's profile 2003.Mar.
PHP Special number An anion Monthly Magazine(Jun.)
Misesu How I stay healthy Monthly Magazine(Jun.)
Falily pictorial Gold brakefast Monthly Magazine(Jul.)
PHP Special number An anion Monthly Magazine(Jul.)
An anion Monthly Magazine(Jul.)
Okinawa/about GOYA Monthly Magazine(Jul.)
[Ideal world]
Q&A Food of a pregnant woman Monthly Magazine(Sep.)
Fujicco/Special number
Beans Life
Healthy Calender -- 2005
MOM An anion Monthly Magazine(Sep.)
Dina a conversation Sep.
light of home Vegetables farm Oct.16
Orenage Page How to take in oil to keep youth and health  
Hershe Interview  
Smart woman Virus age is on the way serial  publication(Oct.〜)
saita The black food  
ShufunoTomo Co.
Mid-fifty's Diet
Life information senter Co. Diabetic recipes 2005.May
saita How to choose oil correctly 2005.Mar.24
Da Ca Po A meal for training your body 2005.Mar.3
Discover somthing everyday Isofurabon power 2005.Mar.28
  An anion 2005.Apr.1
Shushu Spring food for health 2005.Mar
Misty Make your heart gently in spring 2005Apr.17
Aiwa Japanese foods power 2005.Jun.1
Commemorative magazine of Fujicco 30th.anniversary
Talk with Dr.Yamori Fall


機関紙信用組合 「健康エッセイ」
東税健保だより 「免疫をあげる食生活」
ヘルス&ケア 「ヘルシーフード」  


"Wonderful recipe book for diabetes"
-with antioxidant and slow food-
Written by Akiko sugahara
1400 yen (tax not included)

Media Scheduel of Akiko SugaharaUp!
New Rereased BookUp!
Previous media coverage of Dr. Akiko Sugahara
History of Women Scientist Forum and lecture of Dr.Akiko Sugahara from 2005

Previously published research papers by Dr. Akiko Sugahara.
To be updated as published.

Internal reports by Sugahara Institute (in limited release)

History of Sugahara Institute on chronological table